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Want to Take the Guesswork Out of Creating Transformational Content for Your Signature Course (You're Proud to Deliver)?

You're not alone.

Having your own signature course is your ticket to multiple streams of passive income. But, creating course content, particularly transformational content that gets results, can be one of the most challenging aspects of creating an online training. 

Sure, there are a lot of courses, blogs and videos that teach you how to create, market and deliver an online course. But, very few give the goods on the thing most course creators struggle with...creating your actual course content.

Crappy courses can make money with the right marketing, but if you want to create a sought after course that changes lives, you need quality content that ensures your students see results.

Which of These Describe You?

Stuck but Sticking to It...

You want (no) NEED to replace your current day job and make extra income while building your brand, and all that life stuff! You discovered the profit potential of online courses, pulled out your credit card and invested in a course creation program.

You pushed to create your course -- But you got stuck on your course content. You want to be authentic, help others, and give your perfect customers your best.

So you took a step back to allow the ideas to flow...AND you're STILL WAITING!

Paralyzed Pre-seller...

You're pre-selling your course. You feel comfortable with the marketing, converting, and teaching, but creating the actual content is making you nervous.

You just want to make sure your students really see results.

You've searched but have yet to find a simple and effective method for creating killer content for your online course. And patience is not your strong suit... :)

Savvy Freedom Seeker...

You're primarily serving your clients 1:1 and you love it ---but it's your only income stream and you want more freedom & income security.

You want to develop an online training program that allows you to...

  • Free up your time...
  • Serve your 1:1 clients better...
  • Provide affordable help to those who can't afford to work with your privately...

You want to turn your knowledge into a high-quality course, but you have no idea where to start.

If you can relate to any of these scenarios, I've got some great news!

You Can Quickly & Easily Whip Out High Quality

Course Content You're Proud to Teach in as little as 1 Day!

Creating your course content doesn't have to take weeks or months to complete. My "Quick Course Content Creation Formula" will show you exactly how to create killer content for your signature course fast. Because of this formula, I can create course content on ANY topic in 1 day. AND I can have my entire course done in a weekend and I’ll show you how to do that too.

But I didn't always have it figured out...

For years half done and completed courses sat on my hard-drive because I couldn’t figure out how to translate what I knew into coherent steps for others to follow (that didn't blow up people's brains.

But, this was mission critical for me because as a divorced-single mom of 3, my time was stretched and I had more bills than money to pay them.

I needed to get over myself and cash in on the profitable power of courses. But I'm not about that "sell and run" life. I wasn't about to just throw anything out there. I wanted to ensure I was creating a program I was proud to teach and that was valuable to my customers.

And after investing countless hours and thousands of dollars trying to get someone to help me figure it out, I crafted a simple "fool-proof " formula for extracting the content out of my head and into a course I was proud to market, sell & deliver.


The key to creating a good course is that by the end of it, your students are able to be, know and do something the weren't able to before.

Let me walk you step-by-step through my unique process of quickly creating high quality course content that allows you to confidently charge what you're worth, guide your students to results they rave about and empower you to work less, while earning more!

In This Program,

You're Going to Learn...

  • My simple course content creation formula to quickly get what you know naturally, out of your head and into easy to digest lessons that helps you confidently teach others how to know what you know and do what you do - without overwhelming them. (I use this exact formula to create my courses (including this one) in a weekend).
  • My hack to cut (long-winded) ramblings into bite-sized lessons that gets your students the result and transformation they paid to experience. (This is great if you're an introvert like me and struggle with losing your thought in mid sentence).
  • A powerful and affordable (little known) tool that will allow you to enroll and deliver your course on autopilot. (This will save you A Lot of time and money.)
  • The difference between a signature program & a signature course. (Knowing this will unlock a world of passive income opportunities for you). (Once you have this you can presell your course with confidence.)

Modules & Sections & Lessons, OH MY!

So now you might be wondering…

How is this all going to work? 

And how do I get started?

Two Convenient Options to Choose From

Are you the "Do-It-Yourself" type? I got you. Choose the self-paced version of the course and get:

  • Lifetime "Anytime" Access to the QC3F Course including video lessons that walk you step by step through using the course outline to get your course curriculum done.
  • The Quick Course Content Creation Template and other resources you'll need to develop an engaging and results driven learning experience for your students.
  • Option to upgrade to 4 week Bootcamp when available.

Want more support? Here's how we'll work together to crush your course content in 4 weeks:

  • You'll get on demand access to the course video lessons.
  • Each week we'll meet for a 90 minute q&a discussion and mastermind to help you with any place you're stuck.
  • If you pay in full today, you get a bonus 2 hour course content creation interview with me to guarantee your course rocks.
  • Plus, those who'd like my support recording and setting up your course for enrollment and delivery can upgrade to the VIP option.
  • Worksheets and resources you'll need to develop an engaging and results driven learning experience for your students.

"If you're a Coach creating a course that you can confidently

command high dollar for, you definitely need Kenya's system."

"Kenya helped me take years of 1:1 coaching experience into a signature coaching program complete with pre-taped video classes. Now, when a client can't afford to work with me one-on-one, they can still get valuable guidance they can afford.

I had so much in my head, I thought the course content development would be much harder than it was. I've gotten great feedback on my program! My students love the value and length of the training.

Finally getting my course content created and my program done has made life so much easier for me. I'm so glad I had Kenya's system because could not have created my own online course at this excellent level on my own.

Thank you so much for your mad skills, servants heart, and for being an example of what a true Dream Builder looks like!!" 

Dr. Kreslyn Kelley-Ellis

This sounds awesome, Kenya.

How much is this going to cost?

Investing in yourself takes insight, faith, courage, and of course money. Maybe you've tried to piece together your "program content" on your own or through other experts and freebies BUT found yourself still stuck and unhappy with the outcome.

I want to make the decision to join this class an easy one so I have simple and affordable options that will help you take action so you can start making impact and income with your course.

"A great resource for "Done-for-You Specialists" like me who want

to serve & earn more while working less by using online courses. "

"I always loved the idea of creating an online course, but as a book editor and ghostwriter, my clients hire me to "do it for them". So, I couldn't see how a course would fit into the work I do.

Kenya helped me to develop my signature program so I can add more value to my clients while increasing my earning power. Her course content creation process is the simplest and most effective I've seen. My life is busy and I have a very limited number of spots for private clients (which limits my income). Having my own course opens up a world of income opportunities not available to me before.

Renee Dabney

The Write Bud

Are You Ready to Create Killer Course Content That Keeps

Your Students Engaged & Raving About Their Results?

Creating a course that teaches what you want to teach and helps your students learn what they

paid to learn is the most challenging part of course creation, but it doesn't have to be anymore. Join

Course Content Creation Bootcamp and walk away armed and ready to transform lives.


Yes, Kenya! I'm Ready to Crush

My Signature Course Content!


For my investment of $197, I understand I'll get:

  • Lifetime Access to QC3F Course
  • The Quick Course Content Creation Template


Yes, Kenya! I'm Ready to Crush

My Signature Course Content!

*Full Pay



Or, 3 Installments of ONLY $207

Enrollment Closed

For my investment of $497, I understand I'll get:

  • Lifetime Access to QC3F Course
  • The Quick Course Content Creation Template
  • Private FB community
  • Full Pay Bonus ONLY: 2 hour Course Content Creation Interview + (recording & transcript).

Join the notification list to get early bird

specials once enrollment opens again,

"The Queen of Content"...She'll help you get

your brilliance out into the world...

This system helps to pull your brilliance from out of your head and onto paper. I love to speak, but writing is another talk show. Kenya, has been instrumental in helping me get more of my knowledge on paper.

These days content is king, and if you want your course to be successful and sought after, you MUST have great content."

Anita Kirkman a.k.a. Coach Anita K.

Vision In Purpose Coaching

Plus you're protected by my Make It Right Guarantee

I'm confident that when you join the Quick Course Content Creation Bootcamp, you're going to be thrilled with the program. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will create courses that will activate more impact and income in your business.

Due to the the fact that you will have access to my course creation template and video training, I'm unable to offer full refunds. However, if you follow my guidance step by step and you find yourself lost in the process, we will do everything in our power to make it right. And if after our efforts to get you on track, you still feel this isn't for you. We'll be happy to give you a partial refund of your investment.

So, are you ready to secure your spot or 

do you have a few more questions?

Q: Kenya, is there any other way I can get my hands on this great information besides enrolling in this Bootcamp?

A: Yes! You can hire me to work with you privately and we can co-create your course together. But as you can imagine, that is a more premium investment option. PLUS I have a very limited number of spots for private clients. If you feel called to take this, I would highly suggest you follow that inner nudge and invest in your success.

Q: Kenya, I know you are focusing on content creation, but does this program help me market my course?

A: Since we will only be together for a few hours, we will primarily be focused on getting your course content mapped out and created. If you are a full pay client there may be opportunity to discuss marketing strategies during your 2 hour session. But the bootcamp is all about creating your course content.

Q: I'm a life coach and like the idea of having a course, but getting my clients deep transformations is important to me. Isn't that something I can only achieve 1:1?

A: I share your passion for wanting to get your clients deep meaningful results. And yes, the best way get transformation is to work directly with your clients. But, supplementing your coaching with a well crafted course will empower your clients to show up for your private sessions primed and ready to go deeper faster.

Q: What happens if I pay to enroll, but something comes up and I can't attend the class?

A: I get things come up, I'll be offering these classes monthly, so if you are unable to make the class you signed up for, you will be able to attend an upcoming date. If you still have trouble you will be eligible for a partial refund and you'll still have access to the template and on demand course which is extremely useful and value-able on it's own.

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