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Hey Shero, Nice to e-Meet You!

Growing up as an aspiring songwriter & choreographer, I used to help recording artists put stories to music and design crowd pleasing performances that rocked the stage. Today I get to use those skills to help women entrepreneurs rock the their dream life and business.

Officially, I'm a Life-Friendly Business Choreographer & Signature Course Creation Expert.

I help emerging women coaches & freelancers (with BIG ambitions and complicated lives) to turn their experience and expertise into a signature program that produces multiple streams of income so they can build a life-friendly business that frees them to do more of what they love and live the life they want WHILE making the money they deserve.

But, can we get real for a moment?

There’s more to life than "business."

Your life is your business, so your business should support your life!

See, I believe that as women entrepreneurs, we’re trying to find success in two worlds – in business and in life. And as a divorced mompreneur with three boys, who’s survived homelessness and an abusive marriage all while raising three kids and building a business, I know how challenging it can be to get your life and business to get along.

Mother has lived, okay? 😁

My Growing Pains & Big Gains…

I launched my business in 2007 as a Virtual Assistant and quickly became certified as an Online Business Manager and Social Media Marketing Strategist. A virtual “Jill of all trades”, I’ve been sought after for my ghostwriting, content creation, innovative marketing savvy and technical support by big and budding names in the online game.

  • I’ve chased the money -” the 6 figure this and that”…
  • I’ve wasted thousands of dollars building a million dollar hard drive versus a million dollar business.
  • I’ve spent hours pasted to my computer trying to tweet, pin and post my way to the multiple stream dream.
  • I’ve worked harder than I should have for people who paid me less than I deserved and ended up on the brink of having a nervous breakdown.

Sound familiar?

And all of these experiences and hard-knocks brought me to the most important revelation of my life…

“Things that matter most should never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” ~Van Goethe

What Matters Most to Me?

What matters most to me is not chasing money or false fame at the expense of my family and emotional well being…

Or, being plastered to my smart phone or tablet trying to keep up with the internet Joneses…

It’s creating messages with meaning and marketing that matters.

It’s having the FREEDOM to spend QUALITY time with my family, to relax and restore my soul; to create things that empower other women to make a good living doing what they love

This is why I do what I do. I serve others without sacrificing myself and I hold my clients powerful to do the same.

It’s funny how life uses adversity to move us into position for our purpose. I’ve always had a heart and gift for helping people manufacture their dreams.

YOU deserve to be free to do what YOU love,

live the life YOU want and make the money YOU deserve!

Let me help you create a life & business you love waking up to!

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